Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lucian Lee Wk 1-7

Week 08 - Class Notes



- Pick an Animated Movie
  - Pick 3 characters to design
  - Stick with the principle story of the Movie
     - You can change the setting if it makes sense
     - You can change the gender of the character if it makes sense
  - Research the Movie setting
     - Think about the technology of the time (buttons, zippers, textile, etc)
  - Pick your Actors/Actresses to play the role
    - Pick age appropriate actors/actress
    - Pick an ethnicity that doesn't conflict with the story (ie, Italian Mulan in China)
  - Have at least 3 pages of research on the time period/setting
  - 3 pages of rough sketches of your characters
    - Sketch over the photos of your actors/actress

- Pick a movie that has a great cast of characters and possible costumes
- Obviously the story is important, but choose movies that have the possibility to reinterpret the character's outfit

Chris Howard