Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week 03 - Class Notes


- Decide on what style you're going to do (keep in mind it should be distinct and not generic)
- Each person is responsible for 6 pages total
- Group Leader can decide which person is task to do what
  (topics such as: Line Weight, Proportion, Expression, Facial Features, Feet and Hand, etc.)
- Each team member can tackle multiple topics
  (for example, two people can tackle hands and feet, or all members can do a page of hands and feet)
- Each person picks 1 character from your film and draw that character in the style
- Put you 1 character that you drew in the style and place them in a lineup with the rest of team
  (your team lineup)


- Pick a style that the team feels enthusiastic to work on (that doesn't mean it has to be a simple or easy style)
- Keep in mind you only have one week to do this, so be mindful the complexity of the style that needs to be completed
- You can choose to modify an existing style as the basis of your team's style
- Decide early on some rules when picking your style
  - Does it have multiple views?
  - Are there joints in the arms?
  - Perspective and non perspective?
  - Squash and Stretch?
  - Texture, no texture?
  - Line weight?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Week 01 - Welcome to Character Design

Hi guys, this is where you'll be posting all your assignments. Title each submission with the Week number and the Title of the project. For example:

Week 01 - Animation Project




Your grade is decided accordingly:

ATTENDANCE             =         35%
HOMEWORK                =         35%
EFFORT & QUALITY    =         30%

Doing the minimal assigned homework and showing up to every class on time will get you the highest grade of a B. In order to get an A in this class, you must show initiative by doing extra work and putting in extra effort through applying crits, participating in discussions, etc.


3 tardies = 1 absence

1 absence = 1 grade drop in attendance score
*** If a student is late or absent, it is his/her responsibility to gather lecture notes from other team members and to stay on schedule for the rest of the proceeding homework.

3 absences = automatic fail (this is Art Center’s educational policy)

Students are excused from class without penalty only if it is due to sickness or an emergency like death in family. If students have to be absent due to any other special circumstances, they need to notify the instructor at least 24 hours before class in order to be excused.


Assignments will be given weekly, expect to spend about x hours on each one. You are responsible for your own time management and for producing work that will be presentable for class critique.


The class with be broken up into groups of 4~5 students to help speed up review time as this is a large class; one on one time is usually limited between students and instructors. You can switch groups after a project is completed if you prefer.

Working on your assignments in groups is strongly encouraged, especially in the initial brainstorming and review stages. There are many talented students in the class and you will learn as much from them as well as from the instructors.

Try to get and give feedback within your group to help you improve your work before showing it to the instructors. It is always good to have a fresh eye to help you review your designs.


All work that is to be critiqued and given credit must be printed out and presented on black foamcore. (refer to materials list).

Keep your presentation quick and short, a maximum of 2 minutes – your work should speak for itself.


Critiques are given in groups and are based on a first come first serve basis. There will be a sign up list on the chalkboard to help determine the order of critiques for groups, typically started by whoever gets to class first in the morning.

If class critiques run past the class ending time, students are free to leave without grade penalty for attendance. Your best bet is to come to class early to ensure a spot on the group review list.


If a student has less than 60% of the assigned work completed, s/he will be skipped until everyone who has completed their assignment has received a critique and if time permits. The assignment will also be considered late, so it is in your best interests to complete all weekly assignments on time and 100%.


If your work is not up and ready for presentation by the time roll is taken, it is late. It will also be treated in the same manner as incomplete work – you will not receive a critique until everyone else has received theirs and if time permits.


Digital cameras and audio recorders are allowed to help you keep a reference of the demos in progress. Camcorders are not allowed (too distracting).


Week 02 - Class Notes


Key Notes
 - Try to using just two of of the four categories
 - If you're using a third, it should be an accent to the design
 - Don't use all four, you create a muddy design



Key Notes:
- As a general rule, the more stylized, the less amount of values.
- Also in the same vein, the more stylized the less texture.


By now you guys would have picked your three characters from the film/show. You're allowed to overlap no more than 2 character per student.

- 6 Pages of Character Design (Per Student)
  - 2 Pages per character (minimum)
  - Explore overall design
  - Facial Expressions
  - Key Poses
  - There's no specific number of drawings per page, but it should look composed as a page overall

- Pick your best design per character and place in a line up with everyone else on the team. The theory is, all the designs should look like from the same universe. Even if you have three version of of the same character on the lineup, it should all look like one style on artist.

 - Study the cartoon style that you picked.
 - Does the style of show show the characters with limited views?
    - Characters only appear as 3/4, Side View, etc.
 - Does the style of the show have a lot of tangent lines or overlaps?
 - Perspective, no perspective?
 - Line quality? Same throughout or does it vary?